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Creative Catering Service dynamic website template #300111228. Download Dynamic Easy Flash template. Buy Catering Service Website Template.

Catering Service Dynamic Easy Flash template

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Catering Service Website Design

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Catering Service Web Template Details

Regular Price: $15
Type: Dynamic Easy Flash template
Template ID: 300111228
Website name: Catering Service
Description: .PSD;

Fonts (if needed)
Software Required:

Our Catering Service Easy (Dynamic) Flash Template allow you to edit your text, button labels, email form, background music, and pictures in Notepad or any other text editor, so absolutely no Flash experience nor a copy of Flash is required, as all the content of the template is stored in the external text.html file, which can be easily edited in any text or HTML editor.

Catering Service flash template include all source files including the PSD and FLA files for people who would like to make changes to the design itself in Flash.

Please check out the help file if needed

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