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Buy dynamic website templates: HTML5 templates, HTML5 photo gallery templates, Javascript animated templates, Dynamic Flash Templates, Joomla templates, OpenCart and osCommerce templates. All Templates from our catalogue are easy to edit and 100% ready for use. Choose, buy, use - it's that easy! Buy professional website templates here or download free website templates.


Q: What will happen when I purchase a template?
We will send you a download link by email. Normally you will receive the bought template instantly and the delivery should never take any longer then 5 hours after the purchase is confirmed.

Q: What software do I need to edit the Easy Flash Templates , Gallery Admin Templates and Os-commerce templates.
No other software is needed to edit these templates. Adding text, pictures, music can all be done through the easy to use provided tools. Only if you want to change the actual design you need a paint program and Adobe Flash

Q: What software do I need to edit the standard Flash or HTML Templates?
To edit a Flash File you must own a copy of Adobe Flash 7, 8 or CS3. To edit an HTML template you must own an HTML editor

Q: Which Flash version is required to edit the Flash files?
You need a copy of Adobe Flash MX 2004 (7.0) or higher, so Adobe Flash MX professional 8.0 version, and Adobe Flash CS3 are perfect as well.

Q: How do I edit an admin Gallery template?
All our Admin + Gallery Templates come with an online admin tool, and you do not require a copy of Flash or Flash knowledge to edit these templates, to read more about these templates please click here.

Q: How do I edit an Easy template?
All our Easy Templates come with an external textfile to edit the content of the template, and you do not require a copy of Flash or Flash knowledge to edit these templates, to read more about these templates please click here.

Q: What kind of Flash skills are required to edit a Flash Template
Basic skills are good enough to change text, pictures, soundfiles and changing button lables, and button related actionscript.

Q: How do I change the text in my template?
A: Simply select the text that you wish to change using the pointer tool and
double click on the text area in order to change the text. Here you can alter the text size and font as well using the properties window (Ctrl+F3). We also highly recommend the find and replace function.

Q: I can't seem to find the content easily within the template to change it?
A: It is usually far easier to locate the content by opening the library window (F11 or Window Library) and selecting each item until you find the content needed, double click on the icon associated to the left and Flash will kindly bring up the element for you to edit.

Q: How can I change the audio file for the templates?
A: Open the library (press f11)
- >Find the background sound file (the file name varies in different templates).
- >Delete the file (however be sure to write down the file name).
- >Import another audio file (e.g. MP3 file).
- >Rename the new file to the former one.

Q: How to change pictures in Flash?
A: Press Ctrl+L on your keyboard to open the Library dialog box. In the Library, select the bitmap you would like to change. Double-click the small icon next to the bitmap name. This will bring up the Bitmap Properties dialog box. Click the Import button and select your picture(*.jpg). Click OK to import the file.

Q: Can I use different languages in your flash templates?
A: Yes but you can check this page for further details: http://www.macromedia.com/

Q: How can I create dynamic text box in Flash?
A: This is a good tutorial that illustrates the method: http://www.visualxtreme.com/flash_tut1.html

Q: How to create hyperlink in Flash?
A: Check this out for details:

Q: Can I link my Flash template to a database to display content?
A: Yes. Flash has a built in XML parser so that you can transfer data from your database.

Q: Can I change the background image of the templates I bought? How?
A: Yes. Please refer the following steps to change it:
1. Open the library (press f11).
2. Find the background graphic (the file name varies, depending on the
different template)
3. Double click that graphic file, in the timeline click each key frame and
replace the background picture to whatever you want (import another
background picture).

Q: Is it possible to run a video clip in your templates?
A: Yes. You may import the video clip (.RM file, .AVI file, etc.) to a movie
clip and then you can drag it anywhere in the Flash MX.

Q: How to add a Skip Intro button?
A: First you should start by identifying the place on the Timeline that you wish to “goto” when a user presses the Skip Intro button. Then add a button somewhere on the stage. Then, select the new button and open the Actions panel. After that, add a gotoAndPlay() function call within the on(release) button event. Pass the frame number (or scene) you would like the movie to jump to. Alternatively, check out this URL:

Q: How do I create a mail form in Flash?
A: Yes this can be done please read through: http://www.gurusnetwork.com/tutorial/fmx_mailform/

Q: Can I use mailto function in Flash?
A: Please read through: http://www.flashbible.com/members/HTML/Email.htm

Q: Do you have a working sample of a mail form?
A: Yes, just download the Flash form and PHP file
All files are included, PHP, SWF and FLA file, and in most cases you can simply copy the content of the FLA file into your own project and replace the existing form.

Q: How come I can’t edit some of the text in the templates even after I locate them?
A: Some of the layers are locked and therefore you need to unlock it but clicking on the “lock” button on the timeline of flash. See: unlock.jpg

Q: Can I display the template in full screen?
A: Yes. By adjusting the Publish setting, you can change the size of the movie to your

Q: How do I create a photo gallery in Flash?
A: This is a good one if you want to try it for yourself: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/photogallery.htm

Q: I want to use specials characters use éèà in Flash, what do I need to know?
A: This may help: http://www.macromedia.com

Q: I want to add my Flash template to my personal Blog. How can I do this?
A: This may help: http://adding-flash.blogspot.com/

Q: I can not add or delete images.
A: Make sure you do not use UPPERCASES in your filename and file extension. On some web servers you can not load the same file twice, so you need to rename the file before uplaoding it again.