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HTML5 Dynamic Photo Gallery Templates

What is HTML5 Dynamic Photo Gallery Templates?

Collection of professional designed html5 photo gallery templates include html5 templates with photo gallery section and video gallery section. With our HTML5 Photo Gallery Templates you can easily manage your photos and videos through comfortable interface of admin panel. HTML5 Photo Gallery is an easy and powerful tool for setting up and running a gallery of images on your website. It is by far the most prominent solution for photographers and artists as it focuses on the really impressive layout and usability.

And we have good news - now your gallery will work on iPad and iPhone devices too! Our HTML5 photo gallery templates do not use flash technology but Javascript and jQuery. First of all this is good for SEO and you can rest assured your site will work on Apple devices.

Do you want good looking professional designed website with photo gallery for your family? Yes this is for you too! Collect your photos in one place and share it with your friends and kinsfolk. Travels, birthdays, holidays, vacations and other stuff you can easily place in your web gallery using HTML5 Photo Gallery Template! This templates also called "HTML5 Gallery Admin" as it is created by Admin Control Panel to make it easy and comfortable controlling of image insertion process. Incredibly handy to manage your gallery - just create the category you like, for example "Our Summer Holidays 2012" and insert appropriate pictures in that category. Create another category and place another pictures and so on.

Try it! You will be impressed!